Friday, 24 June 2011

Life must be terrifying for Daily Mail readers!

“I've always been a Daily Mail reader. I prefer it to a newspaper”
~ Oscar Wilde on The Daily Mail

“Great solar power con: Rogue salesmen overestimate savings green panels provide for households”

Sean Poulter writes in the Daily Mail.     Daily Mail article:

It can’t be much fun being a regular Daily Mail reader. You know the moment it drops on your door mat you’re going to be fed yet another carefully researched article relating to Immigrants, Asylum-seekers, Muslims, Homosexuals and  Gypsies all affecting house prices in middle England. The “Holy Grail” is achieved on a good day when they manage to involve all of these in the headline.

“New Labour support free housing for flood of Immigrants, Asylum-seekers, Muslims, Homosexuals and Gypsies by evicting white, middle class pensioners.”

Now they have something else to worry about, salesmen turning up on their doorsteps and pressurising them to have PV panels on the roof. I’m not sure why this particular investment is being picked on as being a danger area. We all know that salesmen aren’t our best friends; they are trying to make a living and will put the best gloss on the products and services they sell. In comparison with the small print minefield of investing in the stock market, bond dealing or savings portfolio, making a judgement on solar power seems a piece of cake.

It’s no different to any other purchase, you need the same logical and rational questions answered.

  • Do I need this product?
  • What am I paying now?
  • What will the new product cost me?
  • Is the quote available the best?
  • Are there any risks?
  • Are those risks acceptable?

If people are buying solar systems when their property isn’t suitable they’re probably the same trusting souls who send money to Nigerian princes and bought shares in the South Sea bubble.

Caveat emptor, Caveat emptor.


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