Monday, 13 June 2011

PV panels and the window cleaner!!!!!

I had a slightly surreal conversation with the window cleaner today.

“How much would it be to clean the solar panels, mate?”

“I dunno. Never been asked before.”

I know that the PV panels are on a sloping roof, have a smooth glass surface and don’t have any local trees depositing their sticky pollen and leaves on them. But surely they must get some dirt on them?

I know that if I’ve left the car out recently there have been occasions when it’s covered in a red sandy dust from the Sahara, or from the latest Icelandic volcano eruption. Not to mention bird poo. I’m interested if the PV panels’ efficiency will be in any way affected by a film of dust.

Anyway, the window cleaner said he’d think about it and let me know a price.

Anyone had any experiences they’d like to share?



  1. can you give us an update ? -

    I'm interested what your window/Panel cleaner quoted..

    1. I was going to write a piece on this subject, but this link seems to cover all the possible options.
      I'm not going to do anything. All the data so far seems to suggest my system has NO reduction in output and self cleans due to rain an 30 degree slope. Probably a money making scheme for unscrupulous contractors!

  2. If your Solar Panels are obstructed they won't generate electricity as efficiently. General dust and dirt shouldn't make much difference but large obstruction like snow of large leaves may do. If you're panels have string inverters then the problem could be worse because all the panels are connecting in a string. If your panels have Micro inverters, meaning each one has it's own, then the obstruction will cause less deterioration on the energy your solar panels generate.

    Hope that helps a little. Nice try by the window cleaner!