Thursday, 23 June 2011

Solar Power vs Sound Power

I think I've made a terrible mistake.

Just when I’d convinced myself the future of energy generation in the UK was based on PV panels and the sun, there’s a report in the ‘Metro’ T Shirt charging that festival goers at Glastonbury this year are charging their phones using SOUND.

Just think about the implications of this new technology. Living next to a busy main road will be a positive advantage as huge articulated lorries thunder past day and night. The dawn chorus or your neighbours constantly rowing or playing heavy metal at 3 in the morning sound almost attractive if it means you don’t receive an electric bill each quarter.

If our ability to harness pressure from sound waves is successful, would it be possible to plug huge music amps into our mains sockets and generate more than we consume?
Will we be able to identify solar homeowners by their grim and disappointed faces compared to the guys with earplugs in who are enjoying a sound ‘feed in tariff’?

Lets make some noise…


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