Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Collective noun for solar panelists...

All like minded enthusiasts have a word which “groups” them for the rest of the world to instantly recognise them.

For example:

  • A “number” of accountants.
  • A “shower” of meteorologists.
  • A “smarm” of salesman.
  • A “sulk” of teenagers.

What collective noun best describes those of us who are interested in domestic solar power installations?

Would you like to be called?

  • An “array” of panelists.
  • A “solster” at home.
  • An “Icuri” of light.
  • A “suncatcher” of rays.
  • A “Helios” of sun.
  • A “Heliophile” of solar.

I’m hoping to remain in flight for a long time. Well, at least until the systems paid for itself…

Tell me if you have a suggestion or a favourite from my list.  



  1. I love collective nouns.

    My favourite's are:

    A murder of crows
    A skulk of foxes
    A nuisance of cats.

    You should be a Helios. That sounds pretty snazzy!

  2. Hi Laura Jane.
    It would be very tempting to be "Helios." I'm not certain I can live up to being a "Sun God" in the long term.
    Icarus is much more my style. Despite being told not to fly close to the sun he decided to be "On the edge." Bizarrely the Greek air force training academy is named after Icarus... Not a great example to live up to.