Saturday, 2 July 2011

June 2011. Solar generation output & Income.

Our system was installed on the 6th June. I’ve provided the details of the part month below.

I now take far more of an interest in the weather than the Met office…With the exception of a couple of cloudy days the month seems to have been fairly dry and sunny. This should be one of the “peak” months for solar radiation so the output isn’t indicative of a yearly figure. We’ve averaged a daily figure of 10.6 KWh from the total for the month of 257.6KWh.

Hopefully once my energy supplier has accepted my FIT application I should have earned £115.54 for June’s output.

  • 257.6 x 43.3p =  £111.54
  • 50% export. 257.6 x 1.55p =  £4.00

My “Standard” figure for the months output was 11.73%. I’m hoping to compare this figure with others once other data is available.

How’s your system doing?


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