Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Republican bill to ban energy saving light bulbs is "switched off."

I like Americans…You can forgive them McDonalds if you bear in mind all the benefits we’ve enjoyed through them.

They’re the most friendly and open people on earth. It’s almost impossible to be lost in the USA because just the sight of a map/tourist guide attracts the attention of a local who is desperate to help, before long they’re enquiring about everything from your bank balance to the frequency of your love life.

We British hate to admit it, but we owe our political freedom to their (belated) entry into two world wars. Our way of life would be totally different if it wasn’t for American “know-how” and “muscle.”

We speak the same language, but we’re different in so many ways. The election race in some countries takes just a few weeks, but US presidential candidates undergo a political marathon, negotiating primaries, party conventions and an electoral college system along the way. You just can’t help feeling the winner is the one who has the biggest financial backers, rather than the best candidate for the job. This probably explains George W Bush & Ronald Reagan. It was too close for comfort with Sarah Palin; I guess she’s the exception to the rule.

Which brings us neatly to the Tea Party and their far right allies within the Republican Party.  The Guardian reports- They wanted to prevent the phasing out of the conventional incandescent light bulb. Michelle Bachmann, founder of the Tea Party and presidential hopeful has condemned the law calling it government over-reach. She says it’s every American citizen’s right to buy old style energy consuming bulbs. For those of you who haven’t come across Michelle Bachmann, she’s the candidate who has admitted to being a witch, (potential Harry Potter votes?) She wants to ban any teaching about Charles Darwin and natural selection as she believes in creationism. Finally, she thinks global warming is a hoax.
I have to admit here that I don’t have any energy saving light bulbs in the house. It’s one of those things like saving for a rainy day, pensions and putting the toilet seat down after use that you know is right, but you put it off because it’s inconvenient. I know that the multiple 50w spotlight down-lighters I have in every room are hugely wasteful and are costing me money. Ultimately, we are all going to have to change our lifestyles whether we want to or not; less power, less fuel, less consumables.
What we need is a strong lead from our governments telling us it’s going to be painful, but it’s for our own good.
 Am I right or wrong?


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