Monday, 29 August 2011

Solar Tubular Skylights.

I ran this video about 5 times and checked on the internet to find out if it’s a con. I’d be interested in your view regarding the science involved.

What a fantastic idea. The guy has recycled water bottles and filled them with a combination of water and chlorine. The luminescence generated by sunlight appears to be equivalent to a 50w bulb.

We have no idea how lucky we are in the UK; we worry about reducing the costs of our electric supply or the ethics of increasing our carbon footprint. We then use the latest technology to introduce free light in our homes courtesy of "Tubular skylights" @ £200 each.

In third world counties they don't have £200, but they do have spare water bottles and bleach. So what if it doesn't produce any light during the night, if you live in a dark windowless room it must be a fantastic innovation.   

If I had any spare space on my roof (damn solar panels) I’d be up there drilling holes….


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