Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Solar Power and Premier League.

Two of our Premier League football clubs have recently signed sponsorship deals with Solar Power companies.

Fulham FC has signed an agreement with Canadian Solar, which will see the company become the club’s official energy sponsor for the next two years.

Meanwhile, Bolton Wanderers and South Korean firm Hanwha SolarOne, have agreed a deal which will feature their logo and products being displayed via the football club’s digital perimeter advertising system.

Let’s examine the current crop of main sponsors for the 20 clubs in the Premier League.14 out of 20 are sponsored by companies associated with gambling, investment banking or alcohol. Should we applaud the arrival of a clean, sustainable, environmentally friendly method of energy generation? It seems like a “No Brainer.”

Hang on a minute…there is a problem. Hanwha Group also makes landmines.

Yes, you read that right. Those devices which have a tendency to explode, sometimes thirty years or more after they’ve been laid, leaving victims, frequently children, dead or maimed.

Hanwha Group was founded in 1952 as Hanwha Explosives Inc, and has since grown into a global conglomerate embracing a vast variety of businesses. However, the explosives division is still thriving and continues to peddle landmines as well as cluster munitions and missiles. Unlike the UK, South Korea is not a signatory to the Ottawa Convention, which bans anti-personnel mines. This leaves Hanwha free to continue that gory branch of its trade.

Perhaps Bolton Wanderers supporters ought to think very carefully before putting on a replica shirt? Or in the “Points Means Prizes” world of the Premier League does the end justify the means?

In a graphic reminder that sponsorship doesn’t guarantee success, both of the clubs lost away from home last weekend. I suspect Bolton are seeding their penalty area for the next home game…


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