Friday, 14 October 2011

Saving Money with Solar Power.

One of the major factors which encouraged me top install PV panels on my roof was cushioning myself from continuing energy price rises. The big six suppliers have for years told us that price rises are due to them having to purchase a shrinking resource in an ever more competitive market. Speaking of competitive markets wasn't the whole premise of privatising the energy market to encourage lower price through competition? If any of you have used the swap energy suppliers websites you will find that the difference between the "Super Six" tariffs are insignificant. 

They say that "Death & Taxes" are inevitably, but now you can add energy price rises. You can't argue with the fact that the industrial world is expanding fast and the raw materials required to sustain this development are a finite resource. However, a report today; Link to BBC report. tells us that the profit made from each UK energy customer will rise from £15 P.A in June 2011 to £125 P.A. in October 2011. 

With average energy bills at a record £1,345 a year, this sounds like confirmation that they're profitering on a scale not seen since Marie Antoinette during the French revolution. I bet most companies would love to be generating an additional 10% profit from each consumer in today's recession. 

Who's benefiting from this increased return on investment? Staff at the energy companies have been awarded a below inflation pay rise this year, whilst company executives have unsurprising awarded themselves double digit increases for their cleverness in conning the market and consumers.

Ofgem who have an 'apparent' obligation to monitor these companies seem to be taking a path of least resistance, complaining about each excess  from the energy companies, yet apparently doing nothing to kerb their relentless abuse of their position. 
Perhaps they could learn from a quote from American President Franklin D Roosevelt made during the 1930's depression.  Do Something. If it works, do more of it. If it doesn't, do something else. 

Why not take 5 minutes to make YOUR feelings known? If enough of their customers complained about the profiteering, perhaps they may change their cavalier approach to imposing price rises NOT based on need other than a bigger return on investment. What have you got to lose?


Scottish & Southern Energy:

You can make it happen.....



  1. I received the following response from NPower.

    Our Reference Number: 99942844

    Thank you for your email dated 14/10/11. I am very sorry for the delay in issuing a reply.

    Mr Truslove, with regards to the recent report by OFGEM over the increased profit margin per customer from £15.00 in June to £125.00 by the end of September, please see the below statement from our CEO Volker Beckers:

    “Ofgem’s analysis shows energy companies are making just over £9 profit on every £100 we receive getting energy to your doorstep.”

    “Earlier this year, the industry was making just £1.50 on every £100; and between 2004 and 2009 Ofgem’s own figures show that the energy industry was making a loss on the average customer.”

    “These are not the figures associated with an industry that is profiteering or uncompetitive, and despite this challenging financial climate, RWE (npower) still managed to invest over £1 Billion into new, more efficient energy infrastructure for the UK in each of the last three years. That’s £3 RWE has invested back into UK energy for every £1 npower has received as profit over the same period.”

    I trust this information has clarified this matter for you.

    Kind regards
    David Todd
    npower Customer Service

    I'm now reassured that energy companies are not making excessive profits and on the contrary are providing a public service at virtually a loss... I must get out more.

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  3. @solar panels pennsylvania
    Based on your website you appear to be "having similar home roofs" on a commercial basis! Or am I being cynical?