Friday, 18 November 2011

Selling your house with PV panels.

Before we took the plunge and installed PV panels onto our roof in Spring 2011, we spoke to a number of estate agents to determine if we were adding or detracting to the property value. At the time we got a fairly consistent "We don't really know". However, without exception they all stated that logically anything which increased the desirability of a property and required no additional work for new owners would be a positive selling point.

The news that feed in tariff for new installations is likely to be reduced from the existing 43.3p to 21p per kWh is disappointing for manufacturers, installers, environmentalists and new applicants. 

It seems to me that those of us who have existing installations on our roofs, with 25 year index linked payments from the original generous FiT scheme are now delighted with their foresight in spotting a "good thing" when they saw it.

Any potential property purchaser will now be impressed with an energy saving system on the roof which will also pay them approximately £1,000 pa with minimal maintenance costs. I'm aware that all of us should factor in a new inverter during the lifetime of our systems, but as the governments tells us technology is forcing solar costs downward worldwide.

For those of you who won't get a system installed before the cut-off date in Dec 2011, have you considered moving? A local development in Leicester Bellway Houses Link: has brand new 3,4 bedroom properties with pre-installed PV panels integral with roofing tiles. I was slightly confused by the variety of directions that the panels faced, some of the houses faced the optimum Southerly direction, but just as many faced East or West!

If I was paying £199,000 for the house I'd want to have one which was going to generate some serious energy during the day, rather than early in the morning/late afternoon. Unfortunately, when I enquired if the systems had been registered for the 43.3p FiT payment they dropped the bombshell that the new owners would only receive "free electricity". Nice idea, I'm just sorry its the developers who are gong to make money, not the new owners. 
I'd be very interested to know if the developers made multiple FiT applications for each of the houses to ensure they dropped below the 4kW barrier, or if there's a special "housing development" rate for new properties. I don't envy the administrator tasked with sending 100's of FiT applications off....

Too late for a 43.3p installation? Can't afford to move into a new property? Well Leicester City Council is taking a very green view of the future and is adding PV panels to some of it's council houses on the Eyres Monsell estate. Each of the lucky tenants will have 7 Chinese manufactured "Trina 235 kW" PV panels installed on their roof. I'm assuming that they will receive free electricity from the system , but the council will benefit from the FiT. I also assume that the council along with all other applicants will be receiving a reduced rate in 2012.

It is great to see a council providing green electricity to its tenants as well as providing employment within the community. It must make more sense for authorities to pay people to work, rather than pay them to sit at home.

A big 10/10 for Leicester City Council. Shame about the football team......

What's happening where you live?


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