Thursday, 24 November 2011

Solar Power and Democracy.

I'm unashamedly cutting and pasting a comment from another site today. I'm doing it because "Ernie" (You know who you are) totally captures the detachment from reality that our elected MPs enjoy. 

I suspect that all of us whilst listening to the news assume that parliamentary debate consists of two opposing sides who are both fully informed on all the facts, speak with different views. "Ernie" makes the point that this is the first time he's listened to a debate whilst having first hand knowledge of the subject.

Read the complete article:

Ernie's comment.

It's right that that the implicit costs to the consumer are negligible when compared to the loss of thousands of jobs and millions of finance in income tax. 

I've never watched a live debate before whilst having such a strong grasp of the issues so what strikes me is just how badly informed the Tory speakers were. Podgy Tory boy Mark Spencer was abysmally stupid whilst Tom Greatrex the Shadow Energy and Climate Change Minister was incisive and well informed. But it counted for nothing. 

The result of the vote was a pathetic travesty and the thing that really strikes me is how badly the Tory MPs must have betrayed their constituents. Like the opposition MPs they must have had hundreds of complaints that they have ignored in favour of party politics.

This wasn't democracy. It was shameful. The Germans and the French must laugh their heads off over the pathetic way our so-called democracy works. This was a really bad result at a time when Britain needed exactly the opposite decision. We need more jobs, more skills, more activity, more business activity, more cashflow in the economy. This government is unashamedly ignorant and complacent. If they don't get off their backsides and generate wealth we will be in an even worse position in 12 months than we are now. In reality that means that if someone is getting into £10 more debt every month they are going to have £120 more debt this time next year. 

I  now realise that this is a do-nothing dumb government and they after what I saw today they frighten the hell out of me. 510 MPs voted yet there couldn't have been more than 50 in the debate. Such an important moment in our dilemma yet the Tories obviously just did what the whips told them - support the minister - never mind what the issues are. Dumb, dumb, dumb and even more dumb. 30 ,000 skilled jobs created and then squandered and all in 10 months! What a futile waste of time and resources. 

And the big 6 laugh all the way to the bank - at our expense. 


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