Wednesday, 14 December 2011

All I want for a Solar Christmas.

When I wake up on Christmas morning, the first thing I'm going to do is check if Santa's brought me a "Sunny Webbox".

I've mentioned in the past how disappointing my existing SunnyBeam monitor is, Report on Sunnybeam. and how it could provide so much more if only SMA had thought the process through.Whilst I manage to extract data each month from my Sunny Beam bluetooth monitor, it's a lot of trouble. 

The Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth, no cables needed. It receives and stores currently measured values and data from PV inverters and Sunny SensorBox devices. All via the international wireless standard Bluetooth standard. It keeps the owner updated on the status of their PV plant right around the clock. The web interface displays the yields of your inverter at a glance in day-by-day and history views.

This clever bit of kit can be set to constantly download data from your systems inverter and display it in real time on your PC, via the Sunny Portal. The Sunny Portal is a website where your performance data is stored and displayed graphically for your review. The Sunny Portal service is provided free of charge by SMA.

I just have to justify the approximate £450 initial cost of the device.

Dear Santa.

Like you, I'm worried about the icecaps melting at the North pole.

I've been a very good boy this year(mostly). 
I really,really,really want one, and it would save me so much time.I must spend nearly an hour each month downloading the monthly data from my Sunny beam monitor to my PC.

Alternatively, could you develop an app for my phone?

Have a Happy Christmas.



  1. Be careful what you wish for!
    You can now download the Sunny Portal App for iPad but good luck with setting it up.

  2. Hi

    There is a chap on one of the forums working on an android app for the
    SMA bluetooth inverter although I dont know if yours is compatible?




    Forgot the link........

  4. I have a Home Automation PC (Shuttle XS35) that is on and connected to the internet 24/7 running pvbeancounter. This communicates directly with my SMA Inverter via bluetooth. The data retrieved is uploaded to is a great site and allows you to compare your system against others and record all your data at 5 minute intervals. You can also record your consumption. As you can view the ouput from via a web browser, you can access it from PCs and the majority of mobile devices - no special app required :-)

    The biggest bonus is that I have just had to reset my Sunny Beam and all previous data has been lost but it is just a minor annoyance rather than a disaster as all my data is recorded on the PC and