Thursday, 22 December 2011

Another Setback For the Governments Solar Policy.

After another week that the government will want to forget, ministers are going off to their Christmas holidays pondering on the courts and their colleagues ruling that cutting subsidies for solar panels on homes is legally flawed.

I'm not a legal expert, but common sense would suggest that imposing a fundamental change such as reducing the tariff by 50%,  two weeks before the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) consultation on changes to the scheme was due to end - was not only unlawful, but stupid.

The judgment, made by Mr Justice Mitting after a two-day court hearing, comes before two powerful committees of MPs are expected to release their report on the government's handling of the solar subsidy. The Environment Audit Committee and energy committee are expected to add to government's humiliation by saying it was "clumsy" and had threatened the survival of a  fledgeling industry promising thousands of new jobs.

How do you think our progressive and forward thinking ministers will react to this double slap in the face?

  1. Realise they may have made a mistake and take a second look at the situation?
  2. Allow more time for the changes to take place, enabling companies to develop with the new regulations?
  3. Ignore the universal criticism, and make an appeal against the court judgement?
If you've chosen option 3, you've won a coconut....
"We disagree with the court's decision. We will be seeking an appeal and hope to secure a hearing as soon as possible," a government spokesman said.

I just hope that the New Year brings a degree of pragmatism towards Solar power and the environmental needs of the planet.


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