Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Storing Solar Power.

All of us with PV panels on our roofs are disappointed by our inability to store the output from sunny days for use at night, or in the deep mid-winter. It's the holy grail of energy companies around the world, how can we store the energy generated by new alternative sources for use when it's needed?

Whilst it's great to be rewarded via the FiT for the energy we produce,wouldn't it be fantastic to use that power when we want to? Step forward Laurence Kemball-Cook, he's a 24 year old entrepreneur whose electricity-generating pavement slabs are soon to be rolled out across the world. He's invented a technology that could make kinetic energy harvesting a part of our daily routine. Laurence  and his company Pavegen have received their first commercial order for electricity-generating pavement slabs from Europe’s largest urban shopping centre - Westfield Stratford City, next to the Olympic site in London.

If, and it's a big if, as Pavgen are being very tight lipped on the design and technology required to store the energy generated, it has HUGE implications for any environment with high foot-fall. City centres, sports venues, and transport hubs could utilise their customers to power low power LED lighting.
If Laurence Kemball-Cook has perfected a way to store output, the commercial and social implications for solar power installations are significant.

It's going to be an exciting New Year......

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