Thursday, 26 January 2012

Another FiT disaster for Government

I'm not a gambling man, although I like to think I recognised the potential for Solar earlier than most. 

However, if I wanted a flutter I think I'd put my money on Greg Barker, the Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change,and Energy Secretary Chris Huhne being replaced in the next cabinet reshuffle. The Ministers believed the FiT scheme was too generous and too expensive, but on Wednesday three appeal judges unanimously upheld a High Court ruling that Mr Huhne lacks the power to introduce the controversial "retrospective" scheme. 

The Government's legal fight has so far cost taxpayers £66,000, which Energy Secretary Chris Huhne described as "a few thousand" as he defended his decision to challenge a court ruling over solar subsidies. 
Well it may be a few thousand to him, but for the rest of us it's a lot of money. If he had applied the same degree of enthusiasm in working for us as he has in defending himself against speeding allegations in the High Court, Speeding Story Link. we'd all be a lot better off. 

I think the majority of people associated with Solar power want to see this situation resolved. It beggars believe in the arrogance of this Minister who despite being in the middle of a consultation period in November 2011, decides to ignore the views expressed and impose a decision. He obviously misunderstands the "Democrat" in his Liberal Democrat parties name. 

It's in nobodies interest to see the level of uncertainty affecting the industry. He should drop his planned second appeal to the Supreme Court (I bet that costs more than £66,000) and put forward proposals for interested parties to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. 

If nothing else his successor will appreciate it, when they take over in the near future.I bet he makes a speedy getaway?


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  1. A big sigh of relief...from myself and the 30,734 other PV installs that took place between 12 December 2011 and 3 March 2012.
    Why? Because the Supreme Court threw out the government's appeal against their proposed premature -and severe - FITs cull. Graciously they announced this outcome finally "draws a line under the case".
    Coincidentally, on the same day as this welcome announcement I received my FITs agreement paperwork from NPower (fingers crossed it runs more smoothly than it did for SolarIcarus)  and an engineer came round to swap out our old electricity meter for a new digital model that won't run backwards.
    So, all-in-all an everntful day on the solar PV front.