Thursday, 5 January 2012

Great Start to 2012, Solar Payments.

The New Year has started off with a nice surprise for me. Some of you may have been following the saga of my continuing dialogue with NPower FiT payments office Link to receive the money due from my 2011 generation.
I've finally received payment today after chasing, complaining and generally making a nuisance of myself. Npower paid me the money, but offered no explanation or apology. Nice people to deal with...

In the period 06/06/11 - 06/12/11 I've generated £642.61 of solar power, including the 50% export factor. Obviously I'm hoping that the 5 months until June 2012 will enable me to meet my 10% return target, but based on my original investment of £10,000 a 6.4% return to-date in the current economic climate seems impressive

The FiT rate is indexed linked to the RPI index, existing customers will find their generation after 1st April 2012 rising by approximately 5%. 

  • Existing FiT rate: 43.3p.Potentially rising to 45.4p.
  • Existing export factor 3.1p (50% rate, 1.55p). Potentially rising to 1.62p
Projected Total per kWh = 47.02p



  1. Good news ! Very good post

  2. I have had our first payment which is just 0.7% of our total outlay. It covered the 10 weeks 14 Oct to 31 Dec (darkest quarter here in Manchester) and was paid in by SSE on 12 Jan, quite impressive speed I thought.

  3. Well done SSE. No wonder they're voted top of the big 6 customer satisfaction survey...
    If it's any consolation, my output between the same dates as you are paltry as well. 265kWh provided a revenue of £119.16. That's a 1.19% return on investment.