Saturday, 7 January 2012

Onshore wind-farm capacity hits high.

I might as well start this piece by stating my prejudice against on shore wind turbines. 

I accept totally, the need for environmentally generated energy and support all of the alternative means of generation. Its just that I'm unhappy with the environment that's left once rural areas are blighted by man made objects. 
I'm not being "NIMBY". I'm an urban guy who rarely ventures into the great outdoors. I just wonder if we're solving one problem whist creating another?

Anyway...Looking on the bright side they are reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.The energy giant SSE, which operates as Scotish Hydro in Scotland, Swalec in Wales and Southern Electric in England, said more than 300MW in additional wind power resources had come on-stream in the last nine months alone after significant progress on large capital projects in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The surge in capacity means SSE is now generating more power from its windfarms than from its established hydro-electric schemes, which collectively produce 1150MW of electricity.
The established onshore wind capacity is now enough to power more than 900,000 homes given an average consumption of 3300kWh per year.
The scale of SSE's push into renewables has been enormous, with the company's interests in onshore wind having multiplied more than 28 times from a base of 40MW six years ago to 1.15 gigawatts today.
At the end of the last financial year, the company had projects comprising more than 1,900MW in operation, construction or development and had submitted plans to various authorities seeking permissions for a further 800MW of onshore wind capacity.
I just wish they could do all this offshore. I'm not certain my neighbours approve of the panels on my roof. However, I'm certain that they'd hate the noise, appearance and danger in strong winds if I had a wind turbine. 


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