Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Which? Customer satisfaction Energy Survey.

The big 6 energy companies will find little comfort from the results of the Which? Customer Satisfaction Survey. 

Whilst unsurprisingly, NPower sits 14th, at the bottom of the survey ( a position which they appear to have pre-booked indefinitely) The difference between NPower & SSE at 8th is only 10%.

An estimated £4m in compensation from energy giants may be going unclaimed, as 90% of unsolved complaints are not taken to the energy regulator for resolution.
New data revealed that customers already facing increased energy bills may be missing out on millions of pounds in unclaimed compensation over inaccurate energy bills and faulty meters. According to Which? four million consumers made complaints to the six major energy suppliers in 2011.
But the real level of customer dissatisfaction is being hidden as energy companies are not obliged to publish the number of complaints they receive, the consumer watchdog says.
Energy regulator Ofgem is seeking greater powers from the government to enable it to force utility companies to publish complaints made against them.

Obviously, the more customers you have, the probability of complaints increases, but it's the same culprits occupying the bottom of these surveys every-time. Surely the executives of these corporations could take time during their busy day to emphasise "it's customers who matter". They may be in the fortunate position of imposing terms on customers currently, but one day.....


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