Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Privatised FiT Payments

I received my quarterly request from NPower today for my solar powered generated figures. Unfortunately, the first three months of the year won't be adding much to my bank account. I'm never quite sure if it's better to wait until the end of the month to send the details or send them based on today's figures. Deep down I know it makes no difference overall, I just want it to look as good as possible straight away...

I'm surprised that when the Labour government set up the FiT scheme in April 2010 they didn't introduce a tiered system of payments based on the the time of the year. Presumably the energy companies value the additional capacity that solar provides when demand for power is at its highest? You could argue a case for lower payments in the Summer and higher rates for the Winter.

This government seems determined to privatise the few public services remaining. The NHS is an obvious candidate and I see this week the Police force in your neighbourhood may become a PLC before you know it. View very funny Fry & Laurie video on this subject.
I was wondering if the Big 6 privatised energy companies may be introducing some competition when seeking our "feed in energy"? It seems entirely consistent with market forces to try and increase your market share by offering their suppliers (us) a better deal than their competitors.

Come on guys. Come and grab me before someone else does!

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