Monday, 19 March 2012

Solar Power & Energy Usage.

I've always been interested in how much energy our home uses.We've never had a lot of money and having the usage figures allowed us to search for the best deals available from the energy companies. 

Since we've had the PV panels installed on the roof I record energy (IN) figures compared to how much (OUT) I'm using from the grid. 

As the details below indicate I'm a long way from having independence from the Big 6 energy companies. it's an unfortunate fact that solar power is abundant at the very time of the year that you need it least. The graph below details my usage versus my generated output, they show a virtual mirror image which only meet for a brief period in November 2011.
Perhaps all of us need to be augmenting our PV output during the dark winter months with roof-top wind turbines? I'm not sure of the potential output from domestic wind power or the planning requirements for the installation? 

Is there someone out there who has a small domestic wind turbine installation who could provide some details?

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