Friday, 11 May 2012

Solar Power Rises in Europe.

If you’ve installed solar panels on your roof, you’re in very good company. Solar power became the most-installed energy source in Europe last year for the first time, as subsidies drove investment to record levels.

The European Photovoltaic Industry Association state installations of photovoltaic panels in Europe surged by 63% to 21.9 gigawatts, surpassing all new wind and gas-fired power plants connected in 2011 which amounted to about 9.5 gigawatts each.

European countries installed 75 percent of global capacity, benefiting from lower panel prices and guaranteed premiums for the energy. Whilst all European countries are cutting back on their feed in tariff rates, Britain’s approach has been the most disjointed and chaotic.
Whilst householders have benefited financially, the environmental effects of  Solar panels installed in Europe last year which generating almost 30 percent of the electricity produced by all new power plants in the region are still to be assessed , but must help our legally binding agreements to reduce C02 emissions.
If installations levels in Europe for solar and wind power remain stable next year, they will produce enough electricity to compensate for the eight German nuclear reactors closed in 2011, though atomic power typically can run round the clock.

As many of you will be aware installations in the UK have dropped by 90% since 1st April 2012 due to the uncertainty over tariffs and regulations. Inevitably, companies and their employees are affected dramatically by the lack of a cohesive policy for the future.
With unemployment rising and consumer confidence falling, it looks like a very tough time for an industry which has demonstrated a positive effect on all of our lives.

I’d be very interested in comments from anyone who’s had a system installed since April 1st and installers dealing with the new legislation.

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