Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hailstones and PV Panels.

My wife and I had been out for a day trip. It had been a "sunshine and violent showers" sort of day but we'd sheltered during the torrential thunderstorms and had enjoyed ourselves.

We decided to call in at a friends before going home. He was distraught at the damage that his house and garden had suffered just hours before. Dozens of windows smashed and plants destroyed. The majority of the damage was on skylights and windows on roofs, all of which was caused by hailstones the size of golf balls.

We're constantly being warned that global warming is affecting our traditional weather patterns.Link to "Freak Weather in Leicestershire" report. 
Today was a classic example of how extremes of weather are becoming the norm. I was hoping that "flaming June" was going to provide a major kWh contribution to my FiT earnings, the reality, due to the appaling cloud and rain patterns this month will mean I'm probably not going to equal last years June total and that was based on my system not being installed until the 6th June 2011.

Rudely, I cut short my visit and raced home. If hailstones could smash skyward facing windows, what would they have done to my PV panels? Turning into my road I didn't want to look at my roof line, would it be a tangled mass of glass and silicon?
Luckily all was well. I don't know if that was due to toughened PV panel glass, or localised extreme weather conditions. My Sunny Beam monitor showed a graph dropping like a cliff face at  the relevant time, in minutes it went from showing 2kW to 0.005kW. Very dramatic.

I've already posted details of my research on insurance and PV panels. Link to PV insurance post. If the worst had happened at least I would have been able to replace the smashed panels by making a claim.

It might be sensible to check your house insurance, before it's too late....

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