Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Five days on from installation.

Graham has sent details of his PV System, December 2011.

We have an array of 20 Chinese ET SOLAR M572195 Modules Link to PV panel data. 

Connected to an SMA SB4000 Inverter Link to inverter data. estimated to generate 3346 Kwh.

We live in Mid-Norfolk in an old farm House with 10 acres. The array has gone on a garage roof built a few years ago which is south facing!...A stroke of luck as we could have positioned the garage in any direction really.


So far, we are very pleased with the output.. the five days to date have generated 27.9Kwh with today being the best at 9.5Kwh. A good start!!

One problem we will have to fix is the armoured cabling from the garage to the Npower meter in our farmhouse. The Installation Company hoped the existing cabling would be adequate but sadly it is not!! Apparently it is not the 4Kwh it has to carry, but the need to minimise voltage drop over such a distance. 
We are now faced with installing 85m of 25mm 3 core armoured cable.                 (£705 for cable alone!! Ouch!!).

Now just hoping the FiT application to NPOWER goes through without a hitch at this late hour before 12th Dec deadline. Sent by special delivery but not sure if an error and rejection means we have to re-apply at the new reduced tariff !! ....a bit nerve racking for all like us who thought we had more time.
With the inverter in the garage, it is an 85m trip every day to read the generation figures.. exciting at the moment but not sure about the deep winter months... A bluetooth device sounds interesting but 85m sounds a few metres too far for it!! Link to Sunny Beam data.

Does anyone have experience of voltage drop over long distances? Sunnybeam claim an outdoor range of 100m for their Bluetooth device. Can anyone advise Graham if that range is reasonable?

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