Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Turning off the Immersion.

Chris has sent in the following: March 2012

We have a 3.92kw pv system, but are in Manchester

On 11 out of the last 16 days the peak output for the day exceeded 2kw and on seven it exceeded 2.5kw. However aside from one day (5 March) when we output 16kw and sustained over 2kw continuously for 2hours+, the longest period we have been producing more than 2kw is for 35 minutes. 

So I guess it will only be on long, clear, bright, cloudless days that  we can take the chance of switching off the gas generated water boiler and switching on the immersion, carefully monitoring this with a kitchen timer and checking supply meter readings at day's end too. I would so like in the summer months to use gas just for cooking ...


NB: Chris posted this piece prior to Pete's article on Water Heating. Pete has made the following comment.

Hi Chris. The beauty of the system as its set up is that the immersion and the boiler both remain on. The immersion will come on at any time when generation hits 1kw. If it heats up the water sufficiently then the gas boiler will not fire up. If it has only pre heated it the gas boiler fires up to heat to the desired temp. Thus its not the case of having to switch the boiler off, its all automated.

Hope this clarifies things.


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