Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Will the Olympics affect Solar Output?

Well, I hope the water companies are happy?
After imposing a hosepipe ban for most of the country in April this year, they suggested it would need to rain for "months" to fill the reservoirs and see us watering our lawns again. It's now been officially announced that June 2012 has been the wettest since records began in 1910.Link to report.

We had our system installed on June 6th 2011. At the time we were delighted that despite losing 6 days early in the month we generated 256kWh, at an average of 10.6kWh a day.This year we've had a full month of "sunshine" and managed 255kWh, at an average of  8.5kWh  a day. Disappointing to say the least...

I've updated the page detailing output and income to show separate figures for the 1st year of operation whilst comparing it to the 2nd. Link to updated page.
I'm looking forward to having an additional years worth of data to see if there are specific trends developing. 

The only encouraging factor which has emerged from comparing the output figures relates to the revenue (and this applies to everyone) earned. We should be delighted with the index linked FiT rate which increased by 4.8% on April 1st 2012.

Despite the higher average daily kW's generated in June 2010,the return on my initial investment was lower than this year. Whilst 1.15% compared to 1.20% doesn't seem a lot, if the sun ever shines again this Summer, the 12 month increase will hopefully give us something to smile about.

Whose fault is it? 
The scientists will be telling us that this is just the opening stage of the apocalypse being generated by global warming.
I thinks it's just a hyper version of "Wimbledon effect" seen on June weather patterns every year in the UK. This year it's been magnified by the hot air generated by politicians and the IOC committee prior to two weeks in London, of people from around the World, running, throwing and jumping over sticks.
I suspect that white water slalom canoeists and all of the swimming teams will be unaffected, whatever happens. 

Enjoy the Summer........

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