Saturday, 25 August 2012

Just how "Hungry" are you for Solar?

I'm the very opposite of an impulse buyer. (whatever that's called?) 

I explore all the options and worry that there's a catch, or even worse, a better deal than I'm being offered. 
In May 2011, once I'd made my mind to have 14 PV panels installed on my roof I was "hungry" for the the installation to begin. 
Quite literally if the installers had been sitting outside in their van I'd have dragged them in. I chased up the salesman and contacted the company asking for the earliest installation date possible and in fairness to the company involved, they fitted my system in less than a month from signature on contract.Installation report.

Compare my "hunger" with that of Angel Vadillo,  Mayor of the Spanish town of Alburquerque. Link to newspaper report. 

For the past 76 days he's been starving himself to death, protesting against the cancellation of 5 new solar plants in his district.
He is the human face of the economic storm facing all of us, whether we live in Britain, Europe or Timbuktu. With the power plant plans on hold, the Mayor estimates some 850 workers in Alburquerque, a town of 5,000 near the Portuguese frontier in Extremadura, will now join Spain's millions of unemployed. Not only that – the €36m of taxes that filled Alburquerque's coffers thanks to advance payments by the new plants have been wiped out, forcing him to close the town's old people's home as well as a centre for the disabled.

Faced with this huge crisis for his Town, he decided to take direct action, hopefully bringing the plight of this small corner of the world to the media's attention. 76 days and 23kg lighter, he's still fighting for his people.

Angel is an unusual politician. Can you imagine David Cameron or Boris Johnson taking a similar stand? Even if you think this guys method of protesting is foolish and naive, isn't it refreshing for someone in public office to care enough about the electorate they serve, that they'll die for them?

If Spain, with its year round sunshine can't find the money to support alternative energy production, whilst at the same time reducing the CO2 generated by homes and business, "the end is nigh." 
Even the loony Republican Party in America must be reassessing their bizarre denial policy on global warming Link to newspaper report. in response to the worst drought in years.

Perhaps we get the politicians we deserve? Elector apathy and a cynical attitude to achieving change affects us all. I just hope that the Mayor of a small Spanish Town can get a result to inspire us. 

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