Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Desirable Homes with solar Panels.

Do you remember when estate agents were more hated than bankers are now? No. I agree it doesn't seem likely, but it's true...

It's been some time since I've had dealings with estate agents, but I suspect they still "adjust" the facts to put a golden glow on any situation! 

Motorway at the bottom of the garden? "Very convenient for business trips or shopping."
Subsidence in the garden? "Perfect location for fish pond."

Well, "WAKE UP" estate agents........Despite being unable, (or unwilling) to venture an opinion when I asked them how installing solar panels would affect the value of my home, buyers now think it's a good idea.        Link to Nov 2011 piece.

There are now over 360,000 homes with PV panels on the roof.
A new survey published by mortgage lender ING Direct has revealed that the British public value solar panels over any other non-essential property extras

                                                 Is my house desirable?
1.    Solar panels (38 percent)                   YES
2=. Weekly bin collections (32 percent)        YES
2=. Satellite TV connection (32 percent)        NO
4.   Greenhouse (25 percent)                       
5.   Walk-in wardrobe (24 percent)              
6.   Good 3G signal (20 percent)                  
7.   Giant bathtub (19 percent)                    
8=. Outdoor power supply (18 percent)        
8=. Pantry or larder (18 percent)                  
9.   Garden pond (15 percent)                      

Wow. What a relief. My house despite its age and its (obviously) dodgy owners, still seems reasonably desirably to the buying public.

Richard Doe, the chief executive of ING Direct, said: "In today's housing market you often have to compete against your neighbours to make that sale.
"Price is obviously king, but knowing and promoting 'deal-sealers' can give you that vital competitive edge."
I think having solar panels on your roof is a major "deal-sealer". Can you imagine telling a prospective buyer that they have the opportunity to earn over a £1,000 a year index linked for 25 years? Then tell them that in addition they will enjoy free electricity from their roof.

Those of us who have taken the plunge are lucky. Lets do the maths.

Number of homes in the UK: 26,000,000
Number of homes in the UK with solar panels installed: 360,000

That's 1.38% of the homes available.

The report tells us that 38% of all "potential buyers" would like to buy a home with solar panels, that's 10,000,000 potential buyers chasing 360,000 homes.

We're going to be fighting buyers off. Remember "Gazumping?"

Got to go...I can hear the telephone ringing......

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