Thursday, 20 September 2012

On-line FiT Meter Readings.

I'm not sure that all energy companies use the same dates? It's coming up to that time of the year to send in your quarterly FiT meter readings. 

NPower require my meter details on the 1st of July, October, January and April. As always with NPower there are infrastructure problems. Like most companies they are trying hard to reduce their costs (and increase their profits) by getting the customer to do the work for them and provide the readings on-line.

Unless you are employed as a meter reader the policy seems to make a lot of sense. fewer staff, no knocking on doors in the wind and rain, only to discover the customers not in...

I've been providing my details on-line for sometime. I don't mind doing this, it saves me the cost of a stamp and it's quick and simple.Why make things complicated?
Well, NPower LOVE complicated. I received an email on the 30th August reminding me that a reading was required by the 1st October.  I also receive through the post a form telling me the very same thing a few days later. 

There are currently 360,000 homes with solar panels in the UK. Npower has approximately 1.8m customers of whom a small percentage of that figure will will have registered for their FiT payments.
Ignoring the obvious stupidity of duplicating paperwork and the postage costs,  they are presumably paying staff to process FiT details either by hard copy, or by on-line reading. 
They are very quick to impose a surcharge if customers can't pay their bills by monthly direct debit, quoting the obvious additional costs involved in processing the bill. Why then are they guilty of falling into the exact same trap with their system for FiT payments?

NPower, (and all of the other energy companies) should recognise the efficiency of on-line readings and provide a bonus payment for those who use the service each quarter.

Good luck with your readings, however you're providing them.....

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