Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Solar Output & Income. (It's an ill Wind.)

The British have always been obsessed with the weather. Total strangers begin conversations with "it's turned out nice again"  before ignoring each other.
It's strange how having PV panels on my roof has turned me into a closet weatherman, always hoping for that "range of high pressure, moving in from the West." 

I suspect it will come as no surprise that Summer 2012 has proved to be the wettest on record. Figures up until 29 August show that 366.8 mm of rain fell across the UK this summer, compared with 384.4 mm rainfall in 1912. The cause has been the unusually southerly location of the jet stream, a high-altitude belt of wind which has dampened our Jubilee celebrations and cancelled BBQ's across the nation.

Based on the previous two paragraph you'll be expecting me to complain about the output from my PV panels? Well, surprisingly you'd be wrong....

As you can see last Summer wasn't as good for solar generation as you think. Admittedly, the August output rescues the figures a little, but rose tinted spectacles must have been worn regarding last August's weather pattern as the figures can't lie as far as Leicester is concerned.

I accept the income figures have been significantly increased by the index linked increase in FiT payments which rose by 4.8% from April 1st 2012. However, I would have still been better off if the rate had remained  the same. 

Thank you Mr Osborne.....

Some of you may have seen the research findings regarding customer satisfaction for Solar installations on the uSwitch site? uswitch report

It makes interesting if puzzling reading. 

1: Eight in ten of those with solar panels installed them to protect themselves against future energy price rises.

I'd definitely agree with that. The one thing you can be sure of in this life is ENERGY COSTS WILL RISE, EVERY YEAR.....

2: Six in ten (62%) wanted to do their bit for the environment.

I'm delighted with this figure, even more so when you see how close it is to the next result...

3: Seven in ten (71%) wanted to make money from the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT).

I'd be interested to know the views of the additional 30-40% gave as their reason for installing solar? Spare cash? PV panels look cool? Annoy the neighbours?

The most confusing finding for me relates to savings.

"Two thirds of households with solar panels are already benefiting from lower energy bills with an average annual saving of £82.20 a month according to new research."

Average savings of £82.20 a month...I'm doing something horribly wrong or brilliantly right. My savings for the entire 12 months since my installation was £121.00Link to my first years report. 

What are your views? Are you making the huge savings that the report details?

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