Saturday, 1 December 2012

Bright Solar November

For many unfortunate people, November will be remembered for grey sky's, pouring rain and flood waters. 
We seem to have escaped the worst of the weather in the East Midlands as my November output figures are higher this month than in 2011.

             November 2011                       November 2012

KWh Output.          82.5                                          89.8

Daily Average.        2.70                                          2.99        

Earnings.              £37.02                                      £42.24     

My system generated an additional 8.1% compared to last year and more importantly, because of the increase to the indexed linked FiT last April, the earnings increased by 14.1%.

If only the rest of the year was similar. I suspect you don't need to be told that this years Spring & Summer was dreadful even if you don't have solar panels on your roof. With the exception of a significantly better August here in the East Midlands my monthly figures have all been worse than 2011.

On the bright side...Because my wife and I are of 'a certain age', we received our Winter fuel allowance last week. I do realise that our energy usage is in no way representative of most people. Based on the newspapers telling us that the average fuel bill is now around £1,300 p.a. 

When we recently changed suppliers to ScottishPower they decided to collect £58.90 each month from us, that's £706.68 p.a. We have a three bedroom semi-detached house which was built during the 1960's, an era not noted for its ecological heritage. However, we've tried hard to insulate the property to reduce our energy bills and it seems to be working. 

My figures show that apart from the 4 Winter months between November-February, our rooftop generates eneogh income to easily cover our monthly Gas & Electricity standing order. It feels good to know that whatever happens we're unlikely to become another "pensioner dies in cold spell" statistic.

Is your system giving you a WARM glow?

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