Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Essential Christmas Present for PV Panels.

This is my 2nd Christmas with PV panels on the roof. 

Those of you of the more  cynical nature, or SANTA deniers will be surprised to hear that late December last year was a very poor period for solar generation. 
I initially thought that this was due to cloudy conditions or shorter days, but NO...

Reindeer poo had been left on my roof whilst Santa was delivering presents down my chimney.

I was faced with a dilemma. Do I tick the opt out box on Christmas deliveries from one of the oldest and most respectable companies in the market? 
Or, should I send this years wish list for presents to Santa's closest rival "AMAZON"? 

It's difficult. Neither of the two rival organisations appear to pay ANY tax in the UK, so could I base my selection on ecological delivery systems? 

Amazon offer an astonishing range of delivery options. 

FREE Super Saver DeliveryAmazon Prime Unlimited FREE One-Day DeliveryFirst ClassExpressEveningExpedited

My presents would be virtually guaranteed to be available on Christmas morning, but was the "white-van-man" with his energy efficient diesel engine destroying the ozone layer?

Alternatively, Santa has just the one delivery option. 

Christmas Eve/Day, between your bedtime and waking up in the morning.

Once again you're virtually guaranteed to wake up with with your presents at the foot of your bed. However, they're not always what you wished for! (See separate piece written in 1959, re missing train set.)

On the plus side the presents are always wrapped up in colourful paper with the probability of ribbons. 

What about his delivery system? Super energy efficient sledge with a slide coefficient unparalleled once in the air. However, cows (and I assume reindeer are very similar) on average release between 70 and 120 kg of Methane per year. 

My local DIY store has solved the problem. They sell large brushes for that once a year cleaning job on the roof.

I'm sticking with the guy in the red suit. He may be a little old fashioned, but small children don't have faces that light up when the see the Amazon delivery man on his rounds.

I hope you get what you want this Christmas. 

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