Monday, 10 December 2012

Solar Panels and Roof Insulation.

It's freezing outside. 

Weather forecasters are warning of the arrival of the "Beast from the East" and as I trudge around to the newsagents to pick up my morning paper I'm staring up at the frost covered roofs of my neighbours. Most houses have insulated lofts which are demonstrated by roofs completely covered in frost, other households are demonstrating their affluence by showing large portions of their roofs with the frost melted by their heating.

Now comes the worrying portion of this tale! " I wonder what MY roof looks like" I think to myself... 
Obviously, those of us with solar panels on the roof can't see the tiles as they're covered with the panels, as I discovered when I arrived back home with my paper under my arm. This got me thinking about the insulating properties of solar panels.

We have double glazed windows, but when I open the curtains in the morning I can feel a temperature difference once that thin layer of fabric is pulled back. The good news is solar panels perform in exactly the same way on your roof. The layer of glass and silicon protects the roof from the cold. 
Scientists have shown that not only are you preserving the environment and saving money with your panels, you're also making a 5% saving on energy lost through your roof. 

The thermal image above shows the lower temperature (in blue) above a solar panel roof-top.

So apart from a suffering a "senior" moment about the view-ability of my roof top tiles, I'm delighted to have discovered another benefit of solar power. I just regret that I wasn't far sighted enough to cover more of my roof.

Oh well. Next time it's all going to be different. (I wish.) 

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