Saturday, 15 December 2012

What's Your Worst Daily Solar Output?

Despite the obvious attraction of Christmas looming, this, for me, is the worst time of the year...
It's cold, damp and most importantly, its dark. So dark that many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. (S.A.D.) 

My suffering from this condition has been much worse since installing solar panels, mainly because I'm far more aware of the light levels and how it's affecting my generation revenue.

I'm not sure what the weather was like where you live on Friday 14th December 2012? 
We had the lights on from the moment we got up until we went to bed. We managed to generate a measly 0.94kWh for the entire day!
That's not enough to light a single 100W bulb for an hour! This solar idea has some way to go before it saves the planet...
I was astonished to discover that I only managed 0.76kWh on the 21st November 2012. 

I was now desperately looking for a plus side to counter all of this bad news and was delighted to discover that 2011/12 was even worse than 2012/13 (potentially.)

As you can see the 10 worst output days in 2012 (RED LINE) are above the 10 worst output days (BLUE LINE) in 2011/12 in all but two instances.

I almost feel better already!

Our pagan ancestors didn't celebrate the birth of a baby boy in far off Bethlehem on the 25th December. They celebrated a far more life affecting occurrence in their calender. The "Winter Solstice." 
It's hard to imagine the hardships these people suffered during the long dark winter days and the opportunity to celebrate the shortest day and the prospect of better things to come on the 21st December was a huge 7 day party with thick heads and full stomachs at the end of it.

I won't be partying on the 21st, but I will be looking forward to the days getting just that little bit longer and lighter every time I wake up.

Have a very happy celebration this December and good luck with your panels in 2013.

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  1. We can't manage as badly but we only got 0.23kWh on 21 and 23 Dec 2011 from our 3.92kW system. And we are further north (Manchester). So we have enough for 2x100w bulbs for an hour! By the way I think your figures are reading 0.78 and 0.94 not 0.078 etc...

    We got only 65kw for Nov 2012 compared with 71 in Nov 2011. We shall see whether Dec 2012 fares any better.

  2. Hi Chrisso.

    You spotted the deliberate(?) mistake. I fairness the story sounds much better with the decimal point in the wrong place, but in the interest of accuracy I will amend the piece to reflect your comments.
    Your noisy neighbours wont enjoy brighter evenings now they're out of Europe!!!