Thursday, 3 January 2013

Solar & Gas ONLY Tariffs.

This was not the start to 2013 I was looking for. 
It was 07:15, it was dark, damp and miserable and I'd picked up my paper from the local shop. As I walked out I glanced at the headline on the front page, it screamed "six million families face fuel bills of £530."Link to piece.

I was furious...We work really hard at minimising our energy use, whilst making the most of the "free" energy from the roof, but we're still going to pay between £750-£800 this year and yet, Six million families are doing so well that they're only going to pay £530!

Once I was back at home and fortified with a shot of caffeine I took a look at the main article and discovered to my horror that the £530 wasn't per annum, but per quarter. It's hard to imagine how anyone can afford bills of that size, either they have a huge house or they're wasting a lot of energy using the wrong tariff.
My index linked FiT contract has another 24 years to run and currently pays me .47p for every kWh I produce, based on an annual inflation rate of 3% that means my final payments will be .95p, which sound great, but applying the same logic to the £530 quarterly bill means that it will have risen to £1,077.

I know that we shouldn't try to predict the future or compare today's values with tomorrows, but....
In the 12 month period June 2011 - May 2012 my system produced 2,432 kWh which generated an income of £1,102. That's just over an 11% return on my £10,000 investment.
If my system produces approximately 2,400 kWh in 24 years time when the FiT rate will be .95p then my income will be £2,280, that's nearly 23% return on my investment in ONE year. 

If you take a look at my energy usage and generated graph above, you'll see that ideally I should change my dual fuel tariff to a separate contract for gas and  electricity. Whilst I obviously use more electricity during the Winter months, as a percentage it doesn't rise a sharply as my gas usage. Unfortunately, the energy providers have thought of this and I can't find a single usage plan from any of the "cartel" which doesn't charge me more for separating my gas and electricity bills. They want you to take BOTH and will charge you more if you try and work it to your advantage.

Did you realise that the majority of your gas (45%) and electricity (39%) consumption occurs between 13th November and 15th February? 

I suspect that Scottish Power will be telling me that my direct debit needs to rise as my quarterly bill falls exactly between those energy heavy dates.
I'm looking to arguing that they shouldn't have excess money from me for 9 months based on a seasonal glitch.

Wish me luck... 

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