Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Back-Up Solar Data.

Some of you may have had difficulty recently accessing links to output and usage data on these pages.Page link.
My apologies. An elderly Aunt (who has access to the cloud source data) was viewing family pictures on her PC and found a "Solar Output" folder. She obviously wasn't very interested in the subject and deleted the entire folder containing 18 files and 18 months of information.

This could have been the source of a very uncomfortable family row. However, harmony was re-introduced because I make a back-up of my PC hard drive every month.
With external hard drives being offered on Amazon for £50-£60 for a 1TB (that's 1,000 GB of memory) it seems silly to take the risk.

When I first started backing-up the data on the 1st of each month I used a free software solution which I downloaded onto my PC. It needed a trip to YouTube and several reruns of the video to set it up, but each month it backed up my hard drive perfectly. The only problem was I couldn't delete old back-ups, after 12 months my 1TB external hard drive was full and I ended up formatting it to get rid of the accumulated information.

I've gone for the simple option now, no software, no settings to configure and no hassle.
I plug in my external hard drive into one of the numerous USB ports, create a new folder with today's date and select all of the folders in "MY DOCUMENTS" on my PC. I then "COPY & "Paste" the data into my newly created folder on the external drive and 15 minutes later I'm safe for another month.

If you have a better method I'd be interested in hearing it, but Auntie and I are still talking and that's the important thing...

The weather is looking much better this month in the East Midlands. I hope to have something cheerful to report on March 1st.

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