Monday, 15 April 2013

Hydrogen and Solar Power.

I'm delighted to see that scientists are moving ever closer to the holy grail of cheap, environmental friendly energy by extracting hydrogen from water, Link to report.
However, I can't help feeling that the energy lobby will ensure it's going to be some time before consumers see any benefits.

There is a certain irony in that China is the worst polluting economy in the world, yet Firms like Suntech, Trina, and Yingli have received hefty government subsidies to sell photo-voltaic panels at ever-shrinking prices and capture 80 percent of the global solar-manufacturing market.  

China is flourishing by supplying the rest of the world with environmental products whilst at the same time destroying the environment for its own citizens.

Those of us who have 25 or 20 year contracts to help the UK reduce it's carbon footprint, probably don't have anything to fear from the potential introduction of Hydrogen power plants. 
Many of you will have noted Link to new Power Plant build. that it takes approximately 10 years to commission and build a new nuclear power plant, which is existing technology. I suspect that you can add another 5 years to the timescale if we're planning to add hydrogen to the various methods of keeping the lights on.

So. What do you think the presiding government is going to do once the scientists and engineers have provided us with cheap and green electricity?
Will they continue to pay a feed in tariff to all of us? Or, will they renege on the whole wind/solar energy deal and plead national interest?

The existing coalition government doesn't seem to have particularly "green" credentials, and takes a very short term view with the economy. I'd like to think that as the consequences of global warming become ever more difficult to deny, the chances of sustainable enegy generation becomes ever more attractive.

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