Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Electricity Savings Using Solar Power.

"When I was young I was scared of the dark. Now, when I see my electricity bill, I'm scared of the lights."

I don't know what's happening where you live? But in our area solar is booming, it doesn't appear to be owner installations that are taking place, the banner on the installation scaffolding is mainly one of the "rent your roof" companies. 

So who's making money and are householders benefiting?

We all know that energy costs are rising at an alarming rate. Rising costs report I've never spoken to a roof rental salesmen, but I imagine the majority of his sales pitch is based on the householder saving money by using the "free" electricity coming from their roof.

My wife and I are not representative of the average householder in terms of energy use. We've tried hard over the years to insulate our home and use energy efficient appliance. 

We are however perfectly suited to using the free electricity we generate.

  • We're at home during the day.
  • We can use energy hungry appliances at the optimum time. (mid day.)
  • We look out of the window at weather conditions to optimise usage.
We were told we'd save approximately 30% of our existing electricity bill once we installed PV panels on our roof. In fairness my figures for 2011-12 confirm that, but is £121.18 worth all the hassle and disruption involved? 
What happens in the future when you tell potential buyers that the roof surface has been rented off until the year 2035? 

The company installing the panels on your roof for "free" will be getting the best of the deal obviously, but is there any alternative?
You could add the average £6,000 cost of an installation to your existing mortgage. I suspect the 12-15% return on your investment would easily cover the cost of the system, and you get "free" electricity as well. 
If you're considering allowing a third party company to lease your roof on any sort of long term contract, you might want to read Daily Telegraph piece before you sign on the dotted line.

Have you rented your roof out? Do you have experience of the salesmen "patter". Please share your story. 

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