Saturday, 6 July 2013

July Sunshine is GREAT for Solar Output.

Don't you just love July? After the endless winter and faltering spring we get the chance to enjoy the flowers and lawns made perfect by all that rain.

Long summer days, sitting out in the evening, watching Britain's entries at Wimbledon being knocked out...I write this after watching Andy Murray prove me wrong on the last bit by fighting back for a final spot against Djokovic. 

Could this be the year?

Is it the climate?

Have you considered how dark and miserable the early months of the year are in Britain? For many people January and February involves getting up and travelling into work in the dark and relying on electric lighting to see what they're doing. They then travel home at the end of the working day in darkness. It's no wonder we Brits are considered cold and reserved...

14 x 190W Schuco panels. 2.66kWp.

My system generated 59.9 kWhs of electricity in the WHOLE of February. Yet here we are in the 5th full day of July and I've generated 49 kWhs. 80% of the February output in 5 days. 

So, when's the best time for generation?

I shouldn't be surprised by the huge leap in output as the previous two years have shown me that 70% of my generated output is produced during the months April to September.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could have our "rain with sunny periods" for 12 months of the year? Not to mention a Wimbledon champion in 2013.

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