Monday, 1 July 2013

Solar Generation and Long June Days.

It didn't seem very much like summer, but my PV panel output figures tells me that June 2013 was a WONDERFUL month for solar power.

My 14 panel 2.66kWp system had the best month ever since the installation in June 2011. 
Is this another example of global warming? Even the American President seems to be acknowledging that something is changing to the weather patterns.Obama speech details.
California's Death Valley, notorious for its suffocating heat, was predicted to see temperatures hit 129F (53C) today.

I'm sure all of you art experts will recognise 'Flaming June' by Sir Frederic Leighton painted in 1895? I just hope the lady plastered herself with factor 50, before falling asleep...

How do I know all this?

June 2011 was the first month I started collecting data. My system wasn't installed until the 6th June, so the output details aren't directly comparable. 
However, if I divide the energy generated by 24 and then multiply it by 30, it gives me a 'potential' figure of 320 kWh. I generated 332 kWh last month, which as the graph below shows was the highest for 24 months.

What's going to happen in the future?

Will the figures keep improving? Well if you look at last years dismal summer output possibly not. An essential part of solar generation is very similar to seeing all those brightly wrapped parcels on Christmas eve and not knowing what's going to be there in the morning. British weather has to be the most variable and frustrating subject known to man. We can't predict what we're going to get this afternoon, never mind for the rest of the week...

Hoping for the best.

But expecting the worst.

I'll keep collecting the figures each month, whilst keeping my fingers crossed.

How was June for you? I'd be interested to see if the rest of the country did as well as the East Midlands.

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  1. Our June figures at 510 kWh were 46% up on last June. Our best monthly figure was May 2012 (a year ago!) with 550. I doubt that heat or global warming is connected however. It's climate and cloud cover. June should be a good month (16.2 daylight hrs max on 18 th last year and same on 19th this year) but in 2012 it was very wet!

  2. I to saw a 35% increase in June 2013 compared to June 2012 351 kWh & 260 kWh respectively. I did however have a very poor March when compared to last year 149 kWh 2013 compared to 215 kWh in 2012. Taking everything into consideration I am only 15 kWh up on the year to date a mere 1.25% increase over 2012

    1. There I was delighted with my 30% increase on last years June output. Then I hear about Chrisso's 46% and Simon's 35% rises. It's making me think Leicestershire is left in the shade...
      July is looking pretty good though. Perhaps I'll catch-up.