Wednesday, 2 October 2013

How To Avoid Late Feed in Tariff Payments.

We'll meter gen...
I've previously posted comments regarding my Feed in Tariff payment for June 2013 taking far longer than usual to process by my FiT provider.

For those of you who missed the saga, I'd previously received payments one or two weeks after supplying meter readings.

All of this changed when Npower belatedly realised that they hadn't carried out their legal requirement to read my meter to ensure I wasn't defrauding them or the British taxpayer.

After arranging a suitable time for their meter reader to call I eventually received a payment into my bank account on 12th August, that's 12 weeks from my original meter reading date.

The good news is I provided Npower with my most recent meter reading on the 24th September and 5, yes that's FIVE working days later, the payment is safely in my bank account.

So. If your system is coming up for it's 2nd birthday and you've never had your output meter "officially read" I suggest you start chasing your provider to come round and take a look at it.

Don't let them hang onto your hard earned money because they're too incompetent to work within government guidelines.
Get them to do their job...

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  1. Interesting. I'm with SSE and the longest I have had to wait for payment is 19 days. But they have told me that I have to make an annual declaration to them and I have just done this for the second time, by email. The form of words required is "We confirm that the information held on the Central FITs Register for the confirmed installation at the above address is correct and that we have NOT made any changes to our FIT installation or to our personal details that you are not already aware of." All well and good but the main bugbear is getting receipt acknowledgments from them or written statements (or even by email) of the calculations made each quarter. There's clearly resentment by the energy companies that recently exploded post Miliband's announcement when Alistair Phillips-Davies, SSE COE and Tony Cocker, COE of E.ON, both called for the Government to ease the pressure on consumers by taking the charges off bills. In a letter to Miliband, Cocker wrote: "At a stroke you could remove a large cost from energy bills simply by moving these costs [FIT payments] to general taxation."

    I have not yet heard anything about them coming to read my meter but happy to oblige them. My two years is up on 14 October.

  2. In fairness to Npower they acknowledge receipt of the meter reading and email me a detailed breakdown of the payment details when it goes into my bank account.
    If you visit the Ofgem FiT web page it specifically states; "As part of issuing these payments they are expected to physically check meter readings at least once every two years."

    I'd be interested if your payment for anything produced this quarter is paid without verification. As you say SSE and all of the other FiT energy payment providers are receiving nothing for providing this service and are probably p****d off with the whole deal.

  3. In fairness to all the big 6 Ofgem frequently changes its guidance and makes sweeping changes without considering how it will impact the licensee's. As we speak there is over 300 Tariff Codes for FIT so it isn't always as simple as it may look. It appears npower did understand its requirement to inspect generation meters every 2 years which is evident by its delay in payment to you and that you was able to request one of their meter readers to visit.

    It's basically 2 years since the explosion in FIT applications took place so processes are been tested for the first time (on a large scale) so there will undoubtedly be issues/delays on occasion. It's also worth noting the Meter Reading agencys are also been tested for the first time with these, often faced with dubiously placed (lofts etc) generation meters that fly in the face of all the h&s rules these large company's have to follow.

    1. Hi Anonymous.
      You raise very valid points. However, I'd be more syphathetic towards npower had they reacted to the 2 year meter reading obligation, rather than simply telling me they are contractually obliged to pay me in 60 days. An impartial observer would come to the conclusion that npower are NOT proactively dealing with systems they're obliged to follow. 2/10 for service.