Thursday, 14 November 2013

Eating Habits & Solar Power.

Growing old, disgracefully...
Old habits die hard...

My wife and I stopped going out to work each day in April 2011. 
Like many couples we'd got into the routine of eating a snack around 12:30 each day and when we returned home at approximately 6.00 pm one of us would prepare and cook our evening meal.

It was a sensible routine, we could unwind with a glass of wine, chatting about our day whilst the dinner cooked. 

Its taken us two years to decide that the old arrangement probably no longer makes sense anymore.

If you're home all day and have solar panels on the roof - does this seem logical?

  1. At this time of the year, cooking at 6.00 pm means it's dark outside. Our electric oven is taking electricity from the grid, not from our roof. 
  2. After our evening meal we filled the dishwasher, but we had to leave it until lunchtime the following day to make the most of solar power.
  3. Our lifestyle is far more sedentary (most of the time) than when we were expending energy and calories working for a living. Whilst portion sizes have been reduced, eating late in the day meant going to bed with full stomachs.
We're now cooking our main meal of the day at lunchtime. It still seems strange, but our circumstances have changed and so should our habits. 

I've been preaching the necessity of using electric appliances (showers, dishwasher, washing machine etc) during the day, but somehow I'd missed the obvious connection between eating and energy use. 
I'm feeling healthier, sleeping better and hopefully my electricity bill will have gone down by a fraction.

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  1. We got a slow cooker 300w or so an hour. Food prepared and starts cooking at 10-11am, ready by 7pm latest. Uses minimal electricity and most is covered by solar generation. You don't want to do this every day of course but it's worthwhile and easy.Also less washing up. We only use dishwasher every three days, it's not worthj doing it daily. We also avoid using kettle, dishwasher, washer at same time... and all but kettle only when it's a brightish day.

    1. Hi Chris.
      We've got a slow cooker as well, wonderful piece of kit. Meat becomes wonderfully tasty with lovely sauce and all in one pot!
      I used to put it on around lunchtime and enjoy it in the evening. Under the new regime I have to get all the ingredients in the cooker by 7:00 am. Bleary eyed cooking...