Thursday, 28 November 2013

Solar or Nuclear Power?

               The 'Big Six' Energy Suppliers.

I can't believe how jolly Roger is...
I know the UK privatised its energy companies decades ago. 
I also know that shareholder interests are probably more important to the board members than consumers. But I'd like to think that the companies would always ensure the continuity of supply and the well being of the British public in their long term plans?

Why wouldn't I think that? 
Well probably because profit doesn't recognise nationality and 66% of our 'Big Six' energy suppliers are owned by foreign companies.

Remember foreigners? They're the people who the Conservative government and UKIP members are worried about...
Foreigners come over here and take advantage of us 'softy' Brits whilst sending the money they've made HOME.

British Gas - British owned

SSE - British owned

EDF - French owned

E-on - German owned
NPOWER - German owned

Scottish Power - Spanish owned


Energy is important. Planning for our energy needs in the medium to long term is vitally important. Everyone of us in the UK should be concerned that governments and energy companies seem incapable of determining a policy which ensures warmth and light for the British public.

The energy firm RWE Npower have axed a planned £4b investment in wind power which would have powered 1m homes and created 1000's of jobs. 
Why? Because the Conservative party which promised to be the 'greenest government ever', before the 2010 general election is now talking about dumping all the 'green crap'.

It was announced recently that the French owned company EDF had secured a contract from the government to build the first nuclear power station in the UK for 20 years. 
It's a huge investment building a 3,340 mW double reactor near Bristol which could power 7% of British energy needs in the 2020's. The British government has sweetened the pot by offering a 35 year agreement. (Yes, 35 years, not 20 or 25 offered to solar installers.)

The agreement offers an consumer price indexed linked payment of £92.50 per megawatt hour for the electricity they produce, or more importantly could produce. They'll get paid even if the electricity they could have provided isn't used.

For comparison purposes 1mW = 1000kW, that's 9.25p per kW. So if you compare the FiT rate you're currently receiving it sounds like a good deal. That is until you look at the FiT rate being offered to large Solar installations, they're being offered 6.85p.

Why would we want to pay 50% more for an energy source which has proved itself as dangerous and unreliable in the past in comparison to 'green' alternatives available? 
Do the German companies E-on and Npower build nuclear powered electricity stations in their home country? 
No. The German government has banned them.

Will the Japanese government build any more nuclear facilities after the Fukushima disaster? 
No. The last power plant was turned off in September 2013.

At the next general election, ask the candidate when they knock on your door "what's your policy on energy." 

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