Thursday, 19 December 2013


We don't have SKY television. Partly because I'm too tight to pay the subscription, but mainly because I don't like Rupert Murdoch and his minions.

Normally it doesn't bother me. We have 100's of Freeview channels and although we now miss some of the quality series like "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad", we get by.

This Christmas however they've gone too far. One of my favourite seasonal films has been snapped up by SKY and won't be shown on terrestrial TV. 

I always watch ELF at Christmas, it's a family tradition and we used to know the dialogue nearly as well as Will Ferrell. 

Forget phone hacking, forget allowing page 3 girls in 21st century Britain, if Murdoch can get away with stealing ELF where will it all end?

Anyway, enough of the Elf, lets move onto the safety aspect.

When I was helping the engineer remove the panels from my roof during the summer he quite rightly gave me a lecture on the dangers inherent in PV panels generating power and storing a lethal charge, EVEN when they're not connected. I wrote a piece about it in November 2013. 

                             Well take a look at the picture below. 

This guys a Mongolian nomadic herder. He moves his flock around the 342,600 square miles of the steppe following ancestral traditions going back millenniums. 
He's not an electrician, he's not got GCSE's or a degree in herding, he's just a man who wants some technology to make his life easier.

Isn't solar technology fantastic? Isolated communities can now watch television, make telephone calls and surf the internet. Their lives will be changed forever, hopefully for the better.

He must move his solar panels on a regular basis. Does he switch off the system in an ordered way each time he shuts down the system? Does he ground the panels to remove any stored electricity? Does he warn his wife and children to not go near them as they're dangerous? 
NO. He just chucks them on the ox cart and off he goes.

I'm not saying we shouldn't take all the very sensible precautions when dealing with PV panels. But, this latter day Steptoe and Son seems to be coping very well despite the obvious dangers.   

Now. where's that complaint letter to Sky I wrote earlier? The Post Office is closing soon...

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