Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Hasn't It Been Mild In Autumn 2013 - Winter 2014?

In terms of the weather it's been horribly depressing watching the news each evening. Remember back in October 2013 when they warned us of storm force winds battering the country?

Fast forward to Christmas and many parts of the UK were underwater and remain so today. If you were asked to compare the past six months weather with previous years you'd probably pick the the latest horrors as "the worst ever."

Well. If you live on a flood plain then that's probably true, but for the rest of us we've probably enjoyed warmer weather and lower fuel bills during a very mild winter.

I've not altered the thermostat settings and my lifestyle hasn't changed either, but during the same period in 2012-13 I used 1,220 kWh's of electricity and in 2013-14 I used 1,148 kWh's. 

That's an energy saving reduction of over 6%.

It's an even better picture for gas usage. 

6,670 kWh's of gas burnt in 2012-13, but a mere 5,122 used in 2013-14. 

MASSIVE 30% reduction. 

Now I know what you're thinking. "What about those hard working energy company executives and their bonuses"?
Won't they and their shareholders miss out on their well deserved dividends if selfish householders are not having to run their central heating systems at full blast.

I guarantee that they won't miss out. Prices will be "adjusted" to deal with this temporary blip in earnings and the 15 litre Nebuchadnezzer bottles of Moet & Chandon champagne will be cracked open just the same.

But just for the moment, I'm celebrating (with Asda red wine) a very good winter quarter for energy bills.

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