Saturday, 1 February 2014

Yearly Solar Output Is Looking Good.

I don't want to put a jinx on it, but 2013-2014 looks like it is going to be my best year yet.

It's really difficult to decide which is the best and most relevant period to record and display data. 

These are my alternatives.

  1. Our system was installed in June 2011. In the first year it obviously made perfect sense to show the 12 months system output from 1st June - 31st May.
  2. The revenue your system earns is dictated by the Feed in Tariff rate (FiT) which alters on April 1st each year based on the previous Decembers Retail Price Index rate (RPI). Obviously there is a very good case to display annual earnings from 1st April - 31st March.
  3. Finally, annual figures based on the calendar year seem to be a very sensible option from 1st January - 31st December.

I display my output details each month on a separate page on my blog. It's interesting to compare monthly/ annual output and the relevant earnings and return on my investment.

The one thing that stands out boldly when comparing 2013-2014 with the previous year is that 6 of the 8 months to date are better than 2012-2013. That figure rises to 7 out of 8 if you remember that my system was turned off for a week in September 2013 for roof repairs.
Footnote: The graph below will be updated to include monthly generation until the end of May 2014.

What is astonishing about January 2014's output figures relates to how high they were. Here in the East Midlands we've had the highest January rainfall figures since 1836. We apparently average two and a half inches of rain during the month, but this January we managed six.

It's been dark, wet and miserable, but despite that, we've had more output than last year. I think the time of day the rainfall has fell has influenced the figures. Every afternoon at approximately four o-clock, just as it's starting to get dark, the skies opened. Heavy rain all night and at daylight clear skies appeared. 
I don't know about you, but if I had a choice, if you're going to have wet weather then that's the time to have it.

Four more months to go before my May 31st finish line appears. I'm keeping my finger crossed that the current trend continues.

How about you?

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