Wednesday, 1 April 2015

UKIP Reveals UK Taxpayers Being Conned.

Conservative government sources refuse to reveal the extent of Feed-In-Tarriff payments being made to the consortium flying the "Solar Impulse 2" aircraft around the world.

Ukip's energy spokesman Roger Helmer has claimed that the aircraft's 17,248 solar cells are generating cash, as well as electricity for "foreigners".

Details of the aircraft, solar cells and the flight are are available using this link.

Using a previously unexploited loophole in the FiT payments system the Swiss company are able to claim for every kWh of energy produced during the 21,748 mile flight.

A spokesman for the company pointed out that during the 500 hour flight they wouldn't be paid for any part of the journey during the night. 

The consortium won't reveal the size of the 17,248 solar cells that power four 17.4-horsepower electric motors, however an informed source has indicated that at current FiT rates they will make a healthy profit on the flight.

Ukip's energy spokesman Roger Helmer has pointed out that because the aircraft won't be landing in the UK it vindicates their tough stance on immigration.

Will this introduce a new era of cheap international travel which is subsidised  by the British government?

I suggest we all ask our local candidates seeking our votes at the forthcoming general election to confirm their position.

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