Saturday, 6 June 2015

4th Year Anniversary Solar Panel Installation

We got married in August 1971, so it's been some time since our 4th wedding anniversary.

I'm using that as an excuse in my having to Google what suitable gift is required for reaching a fourth anniversary.

'Fruit and Flowers'. Call me a cynic, but the 4th year present seems to be one of the few romantic options during the first decade of a relationship. Can you imagine your partners reaction after 10 years to a Tin/Aluminium gift?

Although based on the '50 Shades of Grey' books, leather might be a fun option after 3 years.

Anniversary Traditional Anniversary Traditional
1st Paper 12th Silk/Linen
2nd Cotton 13th Lace
3rd Leather 14th Animals*
4th Fruit/Flowers 15th Crystal
5th Wood 20th China
6th Candy/Iron 25th Silver
7th Wool/Copper 30th Pearl
8th Pottery/Bronze 35th Coral
9th Willow/Pottery 40th Ruby
10th Tin/Aluminum 45th Sapphire
11th Steel 50th Gold
60th Diamond

We were early adopters, our system was installed in the 2nd quarter of 2011, on the 6th June.

At the time we were the only people locally to have PV panels on our roof. We were so pleased with ourselves that if we saw someone else had 'joined the club' we knocked on their door and introduced ourselves.

As the chart above illustrates, due to the HUGE growth of installations, that would be a very time consuming business today!!! 


For me (and most of the group who share their data each month) 2014-2015 has been a very good year for electricity generation. 

The figures below show that past 12 months have been the best so far. Presumably, those who don't believe in global warming would suggest that the annual trend for increased output is just pure coincidence?     I'm not so sure.

Month2011-12 kWh Output2012-13 kWh Output2013-14 kWh Output2014-15 kWh OutputDifference from previous year

We retired in April 2011 and logically our energy usage should have increased based on our daytime home occupation. The figures below are obviously skewed because of the change in our circumstances, but still show a reduction in our electricity usage.
The dramatic decline in 2014/15 kWh consumed was based on a 7 week trip to New Zealand during January/February rather than frugality on our part.

YearkWh UsedCost per kWhYearly costCost saving
Total cost saving£744.27

I earned £1,334.39 in FiT payments and saved £244.35 in electricity bills based on my pre solar panel usage. That’s a total of £1,578.74 for the 12 month period.

A very respectable 15.7% return on my original £10k investment.

Based on FiT payments and a reduction in our electricity bills of £5,627.44, we've had over half our investment returned within 4 years. It still looks like a 7 year payback period is possible.

How's your system doing? We'd all be interested in your experience.

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  1. I Agree with your comment our system shows improvement year on year since installation

    2012 produced 2305.0 Kwh
    2013 produced 2319.2 Kwh
    2014 produced 2453.2 Kwh

    In 2015 some 1262.8 Kwh has been produced in the first 6 months compared to 1204.8 in the same period last year over 4.8% increase.

    1. Hi Simon
      It seems that your system is performing well. I'd be interested in knowing about your installation, type and number of panels and which inverter you have.
      If you want to email me directly its
      Best regards