Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Sunny Beam Monitor and Macbook Laptops


I could REALLY do with some help!

After 25 years of using Windows based products, in June this year I took the plunge and bought my first Apple Laptop. To say that I was impressed is understating it significantly, the speed, ease of use and beauty of a Macbook Air blew me away. I was a fan.

You notice the use of the past tense there? Last week I updated the operating system from 'Yosemite' to the new and improved 'El Capitan'.
First impressions were fine. I wasn't expecting any new features, but it was definitely quicker and more responsive. I then plugged in my Sunny Beam Monitor...

My Macbook totally ignored it. It was if it didn't exist. No icon, no details of an external memory device, nothing.

I rang Apple who, as always, were terrific, but eventually they had to admit defeat. Presumably, because SMA no longer produce Sunny Beam Monitors the software required to run it on the new 'El Capitan' operating system doesn't exist.

"It's not me, it's you."
It was like a relationship breaking down.
I'd loved her, she was something special, not like the others, but no, after 5 months she'd broke my heart and changed. 

Do any of you use a Macbook to download details of your systems output? Could you leave a comment if you've had a similar problem and how you've solved it?

If my Sunny Beam won't work with 'El Capitan' I'm probably looking at 3 options.

1: Revert to the old 'Yosemite' operating system.

2: Dig out my old windows based Laptop and email the data to my Macbook.

3: Buy a new monitor which will receive bluetooth data from my 'Schuco' inverter.

None of them are appealing. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Still on a PC here. But our Sunny Beam is brilliant. Sits on kitchen window sill and we check it to see when to put heavy duty appliances on.

    1. Hi Chris.

      I agree, the Sunny Beam (for all its faults) does a great job on the window sill. Unfortunately, getting the information from the window sill to my Mac laptop is the problem.

      I suppose it"s a 21st century problem,technology and the companies producing it are changingng so fast. You've no sooner bought "The Latest Thing" than its out of date!

      You wait. Sometime in the future you'll be tempted to replace your existing PC and the troubles begin...

  2. Obviously there are diverse extra applications in the various types of MacBooks, too.